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Scientific Way of Finding the Solutions by Decoding the Nature Intelligence

Data Analytics 15
Amiga video connector
BNC connector
Channel 3/4 output
Composite video
HDI-45 connector
Mini-DIN connector
Very-high-density cable interconnect
VGA connector
VGA extender
Video-in video-out
Apple Display Connector
Audio and video interfaces and connectors
Automotive pixel link
Camera Link
Digital component video
Digital Interface for Video and Audio
Digital Visual Interface
HDCP repeater bit
Low-force helix
Mini DisplayPort
Mobile High-Definition Link
Serial digital interface
Transition-minimized differential signaling
Unified Display Interface
Very-high-density cable interconnect
VESA Digital Flat Panel
VESA Enhanced Video Connector
VESA Plug and Display
VESA Stereo
Aluminized screen
Aperture grille
Cathode-ray tube amusement device
Deflection yoke
Direct-view bistable storage tube
FD Trinitron/WEGA
Field emission display
Flying-spot store
Nimo tube
Ivan Puluj
Shadow mask
Vector monitor
Williams tube
1:1 pixel mapping
2K resolution
4K resolution
5K resolution
8K resolution
Color Light Output
Color mapping
Computer display standard
Defective pixel
Detective quantum efficiency
Digital photo frame
Display resolution
Dot matrix
Dot-matrix display
Fixed pixel display
HP TopShot Technology
Irwin Sobel
Jawshing Arthur Liou
LCD crosstalk
Michael Francis Tompsett
Multidimensional system
Nanophotonic coherent imager
Passive matrix addressing
Pixel aspect ratio
Pixel density
Pixel geometry
Polynomial texture mapping
Resolution independence
Scientific Working Group – Imaging Technology
Sixteenth HD1080
Active shutter 3D system
Active-matrix liquid-crystal display
Alternating occlusion training
Anisotropic conductive film
Blue phase mode LCD
Burst dimming
Daylight Viewable LCD
Display contrast
Display lag
Dual Scan
Dynamic scattering mode
Ferroelectric liquid crystal display
Flexible display
Forth Dimension Displays
Graphics tablet
Guest Host Displays
Hitachi DX07
Hitachi HD44780 LCD controller
Image persistence
Indium gallium zinc oxide
IPS panel
LCD classification
LCD crosstalk
LCD memory effect
LCD projector
LCD Smartie
LCD television
Liquid crystal on silicon
Low-temperature polycrystalline silicon
Multi-primary color display
Passive matrix addressing
Response Time Compensation
Retina Display
Sanyo PLV-Z4
Super fine TFT
System monitor
Twisted nematic field effect
Viewing cone
Visual Planet
Brenkert Brenograph Jr.
CRT projector
Handheld projector
Keystone effect
Large-format projection
LCD projector
Liquid crystal on silicon
Movie projector
Opaque projector
Overhead projector
Philips DP70
Planetarium projection‎
Profile Projector
Projection booth
Projector camera systems
Projector phone
Samsung HL-R5688W
Slide projectors
Talaria projector
Throw (projector)
Video projector
Vivitek Qumi
Waller Gunnery Trainer
Aiken tube
Beam-index tube
Cathode ray tube
Crookes tube
Flood gun
Geer tube
Geissler tube
Magic eye tube
Neon lamp
Nimo tube
Nixie tube
RCA Dimensia
Sony TV8-301
Storage tube
Teltron tube
Vacuum fluorescent display
4FFF N618
CVS Lookbook
Data Discman
Dedicated e-book devices‎
Digital Reader 1000
Digital Reader DR800SG
E Ink
E Ink Corporation
Electronic paper
Electronic shelf label
Elonex ebook
EnTourage eDGe
EPUB readers‎
Flexible display
Hanlin eReader
Iriver Story
Kobo eReader
Plastic Logic
Pocket eDGe
PocketBook International
Qisda ES900
Rocket eBook
Sony Digital Paper DPTS1
Sony Reader
Wink e-book reader
XMDF (E-book format)
Amiga video connector
Audio and video interfaces and connectors
AV input
AV link
Balanced audio
BNC connector
Breakout box
DIN connector
D-subminiature (professional audio)
Jack plug
L R V video
Mini-DIN connector
Multimedia extension connector
Patch point
Phone connector (audio)
RCA connector
RF modulator
Serial digital interface
Speaker terminal
Speakon connector
Stage box
Video-in video-out
XLR connector
Audiovisual connectors
Combo television unit
Component television
Composite monitor
Da Vinci Systems
Digital video recorders‎
Display device
Display devices
Distribution amplifier
DVD player
Elektronika VM-12
Flip Video
Graphics hardware
Input lag
Laserdisc player
Laster Technologies
Media controls
Network video recorder
Pandora International
Portable DVD player
RF modulator
Spirit DataCine
Twisted pair
VCR/Blu-ray combo
VCR/DVD combo
Video projector
Video sculpture
Video standards converter
Video wall
Videocassette recorder
Virtual telecine
Canon EOS 5D Mark IV
Canon EOS-1D X Mark II 60p
Canon XC10
Canon XC15
Consumer Cameras (with no interchangeable lens):
Leica D-lux typ 109
Leica S (Typ 007)
Leica V-LUX (Typ 114)
Nikon 1 J5 (limited to 15fps)
Nikon D5 30p
Nikon D500 30p
Panasonic HC-VX870
Panasonic HC-VX980
Panasonic HC-VXF990
Panasonic HC-WX970
Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1000
Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ300
Panasonic Lumix DMC-G7
Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH4
Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX8
Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX85/GX80
Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX100
Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS100/TZ100
Samsung NX1
Samsung NX500
Sony A6300- APS-C
Sony A7r Mark II
Sony A7s
Sony A7s Mark II
Sony Handycam FDR-AX100
Sony Handycam FDR-AX33
Sony Handycam FDR-AXP33
Sony RX10 II
Sony RX100 IV
Sony RX100 V
 (Mach effect: see) Woodward effect (spacecraft propulsion)
Accelerator effect (economics)
Accordion effect (physics/waves)
Acousto-optic effect (nonlinear optics/waves)
Additive genetic effects (genetics)
Aharonov–Bohm effect (quantum mechanics)
Al Jazeera effect (Al Jazeera/media issues)
Alienation effect
Allais effect (fringe physics)
Allee effect (biology)
Ambiguity effect (cognitive biases)
Anrep effect (cardiology/medicine)
Antenna effect (digital electronics/electronic design automation)
Anti-greenhouse effect (atmospheric dynamics/atmospheric science/astronomy/planetary atmospheres)
Askaryan effect (particle physics)
Asymmetric blade effect
Audience effect (psychology/social psychology)
Auger effect (atomic physics/foundational quantum physics)
Aureole effect (atmospheric optical phenomena/scientific terminology)
Autler–Townes effect (atomic-molecular-and optical physics/atomic physics/quantum optics)
Autokinetic effect (vision)
Avalanche effect (cryptography)
Averch–Johnson effect (economics)
Balassa–Samuelson effect (economics)
Baldwin effect (evolutionary biology/selection)
Balloon-carried light effect (balloons/culture/entertainment)
Bambi effect (hunting/psychology stubs)
Bandwagon effect (cognitive biases/crowd psychology/economics effects/metaphors/propaganda techniques)
Bank effect (marine propulsion/nautical terms/water)
Barkhausen effect (condensed matter/magnetism)
Barnett effect (condensed matter/magnetism)
Baskerville effect (cardiology)
Bauschinger effect (classical mechanics/materials science)
Beaujolais effect (Ada programming language)
Ben Franklin effect (emotion/psychology)
Bernoulli effect (equations/fluid dynamics/wind power)
Beta-silicon effect (physical organic chemistry)
Bezold effect (optical illusions/psychological theories)
Bezold–Brücke effect (optical illusions)
Biefeld–Brown effect (physical phenomena/propulsion)
Big-fish–little-pond effect (educational psychology/pedagogy)
Birthday number effect (psychology)
Black drop effect (astronomical transits)
Blazhko effect (astronomy)
Blocking effect (psychology)
Bloom (shader effect/3D computer graphics/demo effects)
Bohr effect (protein)
Boomerang effect (psychology/social psychology/psychology)
Bouba/kiki effect (cognitive science)
Bowditch effect (medicine)
Bradley effect (American political terms/elections in the United States/political history of the United States/political neologisms/politics and race/polling/psephology/racism)
Bridgman effect (electricity/electromagnetism)
Brookings effect (atmospheric science/Curry County-Oregon/Oregon coast/Oregon geography/winds)
Brown Willy effect (geography of Cornwall/mesoscale meteorology)
Bruce effect (reproduction)
Bullwhip effect (distribution-retailing-and wholesaling)
Butterfly effect (chaos theory/physical phenomena/stability theory)
Bystander effect
Cage effect (chemistry)
Calendar effect (behavioral finance/economics and finance/market trends)
Callendar effect (atmospheric science/climate/climate change)
Captodative effect (organic chemistry)
Capture effect
Carnoustie effect (golf/golf terminology)
Carryover effect (cooking techniques/food and drink)
Cascade effect (ecology)
Cascade effect (spaceflight)
Casimir effect (quantum field theory/physical phenomena)
Castle thunder (sound effect/in-jokes/sound effects)
Catapult effect (electromagnetism)
Catch-up effect (economics effects)
Catfish effect
Cause and effect
Ceiling effect (medical treatment/statistics)
Channel capture effect (ethernet/network topology)
Cheerio effect (fluid mechanics/physics)
Cherenkov effect
Chilling effect (law/censorship/freedom of expression/American legal terms)
Chimney effect
Chorus effect (audio effects/audio engineering/effects units/sound recording)
Christiansen effect (optical filters)
Christofilos effect (particle physics)
Cinderella effect (child abuse)
Cis effect (inorganic chemistry)
Clientele effect (economics/finance)
Cluster effect (economics effects)
CNN effect (civil–military relations/CNN/news media/warfare of the modern era)
Coandă effect (aerodynamics/boundary layers/physical phenomena)
Coattail effect (political terms)
Cobra effect
Cocktail party effect (acoustical signal processing/attention)
Cohort effect
Common-ion effect (ions/physical chemistry)
Compton effect
Contrast effect (cognition/cognitive biases/perception/vision)
Coolidge effect (jokes/sexual attraction)
Coriolis effect
Cotton effect (atomic-molecular-and optical physics/polarization)
Cotton–Mouton effect (magnetism/optics)
Crabtree effect (biochemistry)
Cross-race effect (face recognition)
CSI effect
Cupertino effect (computers/spell checking)
Cytopathic effect (microbiology terms)
De Haas–van Alphen effect (condensed matter/magnetism/quantum physics)
Debye–Falkenhagen effect
Decoy effect (consumer behavior/decision theory/economic theories/finance theory/marketing)
Delay (audio effect/audio effects/effects units/musical techniques)
Dellinger effect (radio communications)
Dember effect (electrical phenomena/physics)
Demo effect (demoscene)
Demonstration effect (human behavior/sociological terms)
Denomination effect (behavioral economics)
Diderot effect (anthropology/consumer behaviour)
Ding Hai effect (economy of Hong Kong/Hong Kong culture)
Direct effect (European Union law)
Disposal tax effect (economics and finance/finance/taxation)
Disposition effect (economics and finance)
Dole effect (climatology/oxygen/paleoclimatology/photosynthesis)
Domino effect (physic/politics)
Doppler effect (Doppler effects/radio frequency propagation/wave mechanics)
Downing effect (psychology)
Droste effect (artistic techniques)
Dunning–Kruger effect (personality/social psychology)
Eagle effect (antibiotic resistance/pharmacology)
Early effect (transistors)
Eberhard effect (science of photography)
Edge effect (ecological succession/ecology)
Edison effect (atomic physics/electricity/Thomas Edison/vacuum tubes)
Efimov effect (physics)
Einstein effect (disambiguation)- several different effects in physics
Einstein–de Haas effect (science)
Electrocaloric effect (cooling technology/heat pumps)
Electron-cloud effect (particle accelerators/physics)
Electro-optic effect (nonlinear optics)
Electroviscous effects (colloid chemistry/surface chemistry)
ELIZA effect (artificial intelligence/human–computer interaction/propositional fallacies)
Embedding effect (environmental economics)
EMC effect (particle physics)
Emerson effect (photosynthesis)
Endowment effect (behavioral finance/cognitive biases/psychological theories)
Enhanced Permeability and Retention effect (medicine)
Eötvös effect (geodesy/topography)
Epps effect (econometrics/statistical terminology/statistics)
Espresso crema effect (earth phenomena/geology)
Ettinghausen effect (condensed matter/electrodynamics/thermodynamics)
Evershed effect (physics/solar phenomena)
Exciter (effect/audio effects/effects units)
Fahraeus–Lindquist effect (blood/fluid dynamics/molecular and cellular biology)
False consensus effect (cognitive biases/futurology/group processes/psychological theories/sustainability)
Faraday effect (magnetism/optics)
Ferroelectric effect (condensed matter physics/electrical phenomena)
Fink effect (anesthesia/diffusion)
Flaming sword (effect/fire arts/special effects)
Floating body effect (electronics/semiconductors)
Floodgate effect (social phenomena/sociology)
Floor effect (statistics)
Florence Nightingale effect (Florence Nightingale/love/psychology)
Flutie effect (student sport)
Flynn effect
Focusing effect (cognitive biases)
Forbush effect (cosmic rays/solar phenomena)
Forer effect (cognitive biases/history of astrology/psychological theories)
Founder effect (ecology/population genetics)
Fractional quantum Hall effect (physics)
Franssen effect (acoustics/sound perception)
Franz–Keldysh effect (condensed matter/electronic engineering/electronics/optics/optoelectronics)
Free surface effect (fluid mechanics)
Front projection effect (film production)
Fujiwhara effect (tropical cyclone meteorology/vortices)
Full screen effect (computer graphics/demo effects)
Garshelis effect (electric and magnetic fields in matter/magnetism/physics)
Gauche effect (stereochemistry)
Generation effect (cognitive biases/memory biases/psychological theories)
Geodetic effect (general relativity)
Gerschenkron effect (economic development/economic systems)
Giant magnetoresistive effect (condensed matter physics/electric and magnetic fields in matter)
Gibbons–Hawking effect (general relativity)
Gibbs–Donnan effect (biology/physics)
Gibbs–Thomson effect (petrology/thermodynamics)
Glass house effect (culture/surveillance)
Glasser effect (physics)
Goos–Hänchen effect (optical phenomena)
Great Salt Lake effect (natural history of Utah)
Green-beard effect (evolution/evolutionary biology/game theory/selection)
Greenhouse effect (atmosphere/atmospheric radiation/climate change feedbacks and causes)
Ground effect (aircraft/aerodynamics)
Ground effect (cars/aerodynamics/motorsport terminology)
Gull effect (diodes/microwave technology/physics/terahertz technology)
Haas effect (audio engineering/sound/speakers)
Haldane effect (hematology/hemoproteins/protein)
Hall effect (condensed matter physics/electric and magnetic fields in matter)
Hall of mirrors effect (computer graphic artifacts/Doom/id software/video game glitches)
Halo effect (cognitive biases/educational psychology/logical fallacies/social psychology)
Hanbury Brown and Twiss effect (quantum optics)
Harem effect (harem/human sexuality/sex/sexual orientation and identity)
Hawthorne effect (educational psychology/psychological theories/social phenomena)
Health effect (health/health effectors/pollution)
Holtzman effect (Dune technology/physics in fiction)
Horizon effect (artificial intelligence/game artificial intelligence)
Hostile media effect (cognitive biases/criticism of journalism)
Hot chocolate effect (acoustics/physics/wave mechanics)
Hundredth monkey effect (behavioral science/New Age/urban legends)
Hydrophobic effect (chemical bonding/supramolecular chemistry)
Hyperchromic effect (biochemistry)
Hypersonic effect (acoustics/hearing/psychology/ultrasound)
Ideomotor effect
Imbert–Fedorov effect (optical phenomena)
In-camera effect (filming/special effects)
Incidental effect (European Union law)
Indirect effect (European Union law)
Inductive effect (chemical bonding)
Inert pair effect (atomic physics/inorganic chemistry/quantum chemistry)
inertial supercharging effect (automobile/engine technology)
Inner-platform effect (anti-patterns)
International Fisher effect (economics and finance/finance theories/interest rates)
Inverse Doppler effect (Doppler effects/wave mechanics)
Inverse Faraday effect (electric and magnetic fields in matter/optical phenomena)
Jack-in-the-box effect (military/military slang and jargon/tanks)
Jahn–Teller effect (condensed matter physics/inorganic chemistry)
January effect (behavioral finance/economics and finance/market trends/stock market)
Janus effect (effects/sociology)
Johnsen–Rahbek effect (classical mechanics/electrical engineering)
Josephson effect (condensed matter physics/sensors/superconductivity)
Joule–Thomson effect (thermodynamics)
Jupiter effect (astronomy/science book)
Kadenacy effect (automobile parts/engine technology)
Kapitsa–Dirac effect (physics)
Kappa effect (geography/psychology)
Kate Middleton effect (celebrity/fashion)
Kautsky effect (fluorescence)
Kaye effect (fluid dynamics)
Ken Burns effect (film techniques)
Kendall effect (telecommunications)
Kerr effect (nonlinear optics)
Keynes effect (economics and finance/Keynesian economics)
Keystone effect (technology)
Kinetic depth effect (perception)
Kinetic isotope effect (chemical kinetics/physical organic chemistry)
Kirkendall effect (chemistry/metallurgy)
Klein–Nishina effect (quantum field theory)
Knife-edge effect (radio frequency propagation)
Kohn effect (physics)
Kondo effect (condensed matter physics/electric and magnetic fields in matter/physical phenomena)
Kozai effect (astronomy/celestial mechanics)
Kuleshov effect (cinema of Russia/cognitive biases/film editing/film techniques/psychological theories)
Lake effect (snow or ice weather phenomena)
Lake Wobegon effect (cognitive biases/psychological theories/social psychology)
Landau–Pomeranchuk–Migdal effect (high-energy physics)
Larsen effect (audio feedback)
Late effect (disease)
Lawn dart effect (psychology)
Lazarus effect (particle detectors)
LCD memory effect (display technology)
Lead–lag effect (control theory/economics and finance)
Leakage effect (tourism)
Learning effect (economics/economics/economics terminology)
Lee–Boot effect (biology/reproduction)
Legalized abortion and crime effect (abortion debate/criminology)
Leidenfrost effect (physical phenomena)
Lenard effect (physics)
Lense–Thirring effect (effects of gravitation/tests of general relativity)
Leveling effect (chemistry)
Levels-of-processing effect (educational psychology/psychology/psychological theories)
Liquid Sky (effect/lasers/stage lighting)
List Of Effects-J to M
Little–Parks effect (condensed matter physics)
Lockin effect (physics)
Lombard effect (phonetics/human voice/animal communication)
Lotus effect (nanotechnology)
Low-frequency effects (film sound production/technology)
Lubbert's effect (medicine/radiography/radiology)
Lunar effect (moon myths/pseudoscience)
Luxemburg–Gorky effect (radio communication/radio spectrum)
Magnetic isotope effect (physics)
magnetocaloric effect (physical phenomena/electric and magnetic fields in matter/thermodynamics)
Magneto-optic effect (electric and magnetic fields in matter/optical phenomena)
Magneto-optic Kerr effect (condensed matter physics/electric and magnetic fields in matter)
Magnus effect (fluid dynamics)
Mallenby effect
Malmquist effect (astronomy)
Malter effect (physics)
Marangoni effect (fluid dynamics/fluid mechanics/physical phenomena)
Mark Twain effect (economics and finance/stock market)
Martha Mitchell effect (psychological theories/psychosis)
Massenerhebung effect (trees)
Maternal age effect (developmental biology)
Maternal effect (developmental biology)
Matthew effect (education/education)
Matthew effect (sociology/adages/social phenomena/sociology of scientific knowledge)
McClintock effect (menstruation)
McCollough effect (optical illusions)
McGurk effect (auditory illusions/perception/psychological theories)
Meissner effect (levitation/magnetism/superconductivity)
Meitner–Hupfeld effect (particle physics)
Memory effect (electric batteries)
Mesomeric effect (chemical bonding)
Microwave auditory effect (cognitive neuroscience/espionage/hearing/human psychology)
Mid-domain effect (macroecology/biogeography/biodiversity)
Mikheyev–Smirnov–Wolfenstein effect (particle physics)
Milky seas effect (aquatic biology/biological oceanography/bioluminescence)
Miller effect (electrical engineering/electronics terms)
Miniature effect (film and video technology/film techniques/scale modeling)
Misinformation effect (cognitive biases/psychological theories)
Missing letter effect (perception/psychometrics)
Misznay–Schardin effect (explosives)
Mohring effect (microeconomics/transportation)
Mössbauer effect (condensed matter physics/nuclear physics/physical phenomena)
Mozart effect (education psychology/popular psychology/psychological theories)
Mpemba effect (phase changes/physical paradoxes/thermodynamics)
Mullins effect (rubber properties)
Multiple-effect humidification (drinking water/water supply/water treatment)
Munroe effect (explosive weapons/explosives)
Name letter effect (psychology)
Negative (positive) contrast effect (psychology)
Negativity effect (cognitive biases/psychological theories)
Neglected firm effect (business analysis)
Nernst effect (electrodynamics/thermodynamics)
Network effect (business models/economics effects/information technology)
Non-thermal microwave effect (chemical kinetics)
Nordtvedt effect (astronomy/astrophysics/effects of gravitation/relativity/theoretical physics)
Novaya Zemlya effect (arctic/atmospheric optical phenomena/atmospheric science)
Novelty effect (learning/psychology)
Nuclear Overhauser effect (chemical physics/nuclear magnetic resonance)
Numerosity adaptation effect (cognitive science/optical illusions/perception)
Nut Island effect (human resource management)
Observer effect (information technology/computer programming)
Observer effect (physics/physics)
Observer-expectancy effect (cognitive biases/cognitive psychology)
Occlusion effect (biology/otology)
Octave effect (effects units)
Okorokov effect (physics)
Oligodynamic effect (biology and pharmacology of chemical elements)
Olivera–Tanzi effect (taxation)
Online disinhibition effect (Internet culture/psychology)
Onnes effect (condensed matter physics/fluid mechanics/helium)
Opposition effect (astronomy/optical phenomena/observational astronomy/radiometry)
Osborne effect (marketing)
Ostrich effect (adages)
Ouzo effect (Colloidal chemistry/Chemical mixtures/Condensed matter physics/Soft matter)
Overconfidence effect (cognitive biases/psychological theories)
Overjustification effect (educational psychology/psychological theories/psychology)
Overview effect (spaceflight/transcendence/psychology)
Partner effects (economics/sociology)
Paschen–Back effect (atomic physics/atomic/molecular/ optical physics/magnetism)
Pasteur effect (beer and brewery/biochemistry/fermentation/metabolism)
Paternal effect – see: maternal effect (developmental biology)
Pauli effect (experimental physics/parapsychology/psychokinesis)
Payne effect (rubber properties)
Pearson–Anson effect (electronics)
Peltier–Seebeck effect (thermoelectric effect/electricity/HVAC/physical phenomena/thermodynamics)
Peltzman effect (economics of regulation/University of Chicago)
Penn effect (economics effects)
Petkau effect (radiobiology)
Phaser (effect/audio effects/effects units)
Phillips effect (employment/inflation)
Photoacoustic Doppler effect (Doppler effects/radar signal processing)
Photoelectric effect (Albert Einstein/electrical phenomena/foundational quantum physics)
Photorefractive effect (nonlinear optics)
Photothermal effect (particle physics/photochemistry/physics)
Physical effect (physics)
Picture superiority effect (cognitive biases/educational psychology/memory biases)
Piezoresistive effect (electrical phenomena)
Pigou effect (economics effects)
Placebo effect (bioethics/clinical research/experimental design/history of medicine)
Plasma effect (demo effects)
Plateau effect (systems science/metaphors referring to places)
Pockels effect (cryptography/nonlinear optics/polarization)
Polar effect (genetics/genetics)
Polar effect (physical organic chemistry)
Pontoon effect (naval architecture)
Portevin–Le Chatelier effect (engineering/materials science)
Position-effect variegation (genetics)
Positivity effect (aging/cognition/cognitive biases/memory/memory biases/psychological theories/psychology)
Poynting effect (gases)
Poynting–Robertson effect (celestial mechanics)
Practical effect (special effects)
Pratfall effect (psychology)
Precedence effect (acoustics/sound perception)
Primakoff effect (particle physics)
Priority effect (ecology)
Probe effect (software development philosophies/system administration)
Proximity effect (atomic physics/nuclear physics/physics)
Proximity effect (audio/acoustics)
Proximity effect (electromagnetism/electrical engineering)
Proximity effect (electron beam lithography/condensed matter physics)
Proximity effect (superconductivity/superconductivity)
Pseudocertainty effect
Pulfrich effect (3D imaging/optical illusions)
Purkinje effect (optical illusions/perception/vision)
Pygmalion effect (cognitive biases)
QMR effect (electric and magnetic fields in matter/magnetism/optics/optical phenomena)
Quantum confined stark effect (quantum mechanics)
Quantum Hall effect (Hall effect/condensed matter physics/quantum electronics/spintronics)
Quantum Zeno effect (quantum measurement)
Raman effect (physics)
Ramp effect (drug addiction/drug rehabilitation)
Ramsauer–Townsend effect (physical phenomena/scattering)
Ransom note effect (typography)
Rashomon effect (psychology)
Ratchet effect (game theory)
Rear projection effect (special effects)
Rebound effect (conservation/economics paradoxes/energy/energy conservation)
Rebound effect (medical sign)
Red-eye effect (science of photography)
Relativistic Doppler effect (Doppler effects/special relativity)
Renner–Teller effect (molecular physics)
Reverse Cerenkov effect (physics)
Reverse short-channel effect (transistors)
Ringelmann effect (social psychology)
Ripple effect (education/sociology)
Robin Hood effect (income distribution/Robin Hood/socioeconomics/taxation)
Roe effect (abortion debate/abortion in the United States)
Rope trick effect (nuclear weapons)
Rossiter–McLaughlin effect (Doppler effects/extrasolar planets/spectroscopy/star systems)
Rusty bolt effect (radio electronics)
Sabattier effect (solarization/photographic processes/science of photography)
Sachs–Wolfe effect (astronomy/physical cosmology)
Sagnac effect (optics/relativity)
Sailing Ship Effect (business/economics)
Samba effect (Brazil/economy of Brazil/history of Brazil)
Sandbox effect (Internet technology/search engine optimization)
Scharnhorst effect (quantum field theory)
Schottky effect (diodes)
Screen-door effect (display technology/technology)
Second gas effect (anesthesia)
Second-round effect (business/monetary policy)
Second-system effect (software development)
Seeliger effect (astronomy/observational astronomy)
Serial position effect (cognitive biases/psychological theories/psychologicy)
Shaft effect (motorcycle)
Shapiro effect (effects of gravitation)
Shielding effect (atomic molecular and optical physics/atomic physics/chemistry)
Shower-curtain effect (fluid dynamics)
Shubnikov–de Haas effect (science)
Side effect (computer science/computer programming)
Side effect (disambiguation)
Signor–Lipps effect (extinction/fossils/paleontology)
Silk screen effect (technology)
Silo effect (management/systems theory)
Simon effect (psychology)
Simpson's paradox aka Yule–Simpson effect (probability/statistics)
Skin effect (electronics)
Slashdot effect (denial-of-service attacks)(Internet terminology/Slashdot)
Sleeper effect (social psychology)
Smith–Purcell effect (physics/quantum optics)
Snackwell effect (consumer behaviour/psychology)
Snob effect (consumer theory/economics and finance)
Snowball effect (language/metaphors)
Somogyi effect (diabetes)
Sound effect (film techniques/sound effects/sound production/special effects)
Southwest effect The (airline terminology/Southwest Airlines)
Sow's ear effect (economics and finance/economics effects)
Spacing effect (cognitive biases/educational psychology/psychological theories)
Special effect (animation/special effects)
Spin Hall effect (condensed matter physics/Hall effect/physics/spintronics)
Spoiler effect (psephology/voting theory)
Stack effect
Stark effect (atomic physics/foundational quantum physics/physical phenomena)
Stars (shader effect/3D computer graphics/computer graphics/demo effects)
Status effect (video game gameplay)
Stewart–Tolman effect (electrodynamics)
Stock sound effect (film and video technology/film and video terminology/film terminology)
Storage effect (demography/population ecology)
Stormtrooper effect (cartoon physics/film criticism/humor/plot devices/Star Wars fandom)
Streisand effect (dynamic lists/eponyms/slang)
Stroop effect (perception/psychological tests)
Subadditivity effect (cognitive biases)
Subject-expectancy effect (cognitive biases)
Sunyaev–Zel'dovich effect (physical cosmology/radio astronomy)
SVG filter effect (computer graphics/computer graphics techniques/image processing)
SweetDavo effect (economics)
Tamagotchi effect (psychology)
Tanada effect (botany)
Telescoping effect (memory biases/psychology)
Testing effect (educational psychology/memory)
Tetris effect (memory/Tetris)
Thatcher effect (vision)
The Halperin Affect (Ratchet-Olology)
Therapeutic effect(medical treatment/pharmacology)
Thermal flywheel effect (heat/thermodynamics)
Thermal Hall effect (condensed matter/Hall effect/superconductivity)
Third-person effect (media studies)
Thorpe–Ingold effect (chemical kinetics/organic chemistry)
Threshold effect (particle physics/physics/renormalization group)
Tinkerbell effect (sociology)
Tocqueville effect (sociology)
Training effect (cardiovascular system/exercise physiology/medicine)
Trans effect (coordination chemistry)
Transformer effect (electrodynamics)
Transverse flow effect (aerodynamics)
Trench effect (fire)
Triboelectric effect (electrical phenomena/electricity)
Trickle up effect
Trickle-down effect (marketing)
Trump effect (sociology)
Twisted nematic field effect (display technology/liquid crystal displays/liquid crystals)
Twomey effect (air pollution/atmospheric radiation/clouds fog and precipitation)
Tyndall effect (physical phenomena/scattering)
Umov effect (astronomy/observational astronomy/planetary science)
Unruh effect (quantum field theory/thermodynamics)
Urban heat island effect (climate change feedbacks and causes/climate forcing)
Vandenbergh effect (biology)
Vaporific effect (fire)
Veblen effect (consumer theory/goods)
Venturi effect (fluid dynamics)
Venus effect (artistic techniques/cognitive science/film techniques/mirrors/psychology)
Visual effects (computer generated imagery)
Visual effects art director
Voigt effect (magnetism/optics)
Von Restorff effect (cognitive biases/psychological theories)
Vroman effect (molecular and cellular biology)
Wagon-wheel effect (optical illusion)
Wahlund effect (evolution/population genetics)
Walker effect (illusions of self-motion/spatial misconception)
Walkman effect (computing and society/technology)
Wallace effect (evolutionary biology/speciation)
Warburg effect (biochemistry/oncology/photosynthesis)
Wealth effect (economics and finance/wealth)
Weapons effect (gun politics)
Weathervane effect (aviation terminology)
Weissenberg effect (physics)
Wet floor effect (computer graphic techniques/computer graphics/Web 2.0)
Whitten effect (menstruation)
Wien effect (electrochemistry)
Wigner effect (condensed matter physics/nuclear technology/physical phenomena/radiation effects)
Wilson effect (astronomy/Sun)
Wilson–Bappu effect (physics)
Wimbledon effect (economic theories/economy of Japan/economy of London)
Windkessel effect (physiology)
Withgott effect (linguistics/phonetics)
Wolf effect (scattering/spectroscopy)
Wolff–Chaikoff effect (iodine/medicine)
Woodward effect (spacecraft propulsion)
Woozle effect (gender equality/gender studies/men's rights/men's studies/psychology)
Word superiority effect (cognitive science)
Worse-than-average effect (cognitive biases/psychological theories/social psychology)
Xenia effect (agriculture/genetics)
Yarkovsky effect (celestial mechanics)
Yarkovsky–O'Keefe–Radzievskii–Paddack effect (celestial mechanics)
Yule–Simpson effect (probability/statistics)
Zeeman effect (atomic physics/foundational quantum physics/magnetism/physical phenomena)
Zeigarnik effect (cognitive biases/educational psychology/learning/psychological theories)

Birth, Time of Birth, Date of Birth, Month of Birth, Season of Birth, Year of Birth.

Death, Time of Death, Date of Death, Month of Death, Season of Death, Year of Death.

Shraaddha, Time of Shraaddha, Date of Shraaddha, Month of Shraaddha, Season of Shraaddha, Year of Shraaddha.

Education, Job, Marriage, Retirement, Death.

Job, Time of Joining of Job, Date of Joining of Job, Month of Joining of Job, Season of Joining of Job, Year of Joining of Job

Marriage, Time of Marriage, Date of Marriage, Month of Marriage, Season of Marriage, Year of Job

Divorce, Time of Divorce, Date of Divorce, Month of Divorce, Season of Divorce, Year of Divorce

Business, Time of Commenecemnt of Business, Date of Commenecemnt of Business, Month of Commenecemnt of Business, Season of Commenecemnt of Business, Year of Commenecemnt of Business

NPA - Non Performing Assets, Time of NPA - Non Performing Assets, Date of NPA - Non Performing Assets, Month of NPA - Non Performing Assets, Season of NPA - Non Performing Assets, Year of NPA - Non Performing Assets

Vaastu, East, West, North, South, North East, North West, South East, South West

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